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Metrics help us track how well we perform in our primary customer service mission—achieving & maintaining high customer satisfaction.
Monitor all your feedback channels. These include social media and the valuable feedback you get when your customers decide to stop doing business with you.​

Behind every spoken word is a treasure trove of actionable insight.

Transform calls into actionable insights that lower costs of employee turnover and increase revenue through cross-sales and collections.

Here’s the unfortunate truth: employees tend to feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of different systems—such as payroll, internal wikis, email, and so on—that they must navigate on a daily basis, and far too often their requests for assistance seem to disappear down a rabbit hole. Just like your external customers, employees want visibility and timely action on their requests.


Multiple channels are making are making it difficult to understand underlying behavior.

95% of feedback is free text and comes from a multitude of channels

Be alerted to positive or negative trends and unusual feedback data automatically identified by the platform

Employees are customer, too!
Happy customer=Happy bottomline
Turn Free Text Feedback to Actionable item
AI based Voice Sentimental Analysis

Grow Your


Achieve Your


Text Turned To


Harness The Essence
Of Voice
Call Monitoring @ EI ( Emotional Intelligence)
customer experience matters
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